Image by Yogendra Singh


Blended Learning has become the new mantra for education. Where the coronavirus pandemic has destabilized the normalcy of society, it has fast-forwarded the onset of online teaching and learning at all levels – from inception to the highest levels of education. What seemed like a distant reality, has today become the new normal.

With no respite in sight, everyone from students to teachers, have been struggling to cope up with this new situation. However, there are thousands of students, both at college and school levels, who are unable to attend classes or continue their education due to lack of resources at their disposal.

Online teaching and learning require two essentials, First, a digital learning tool including a smartphone, tablet, laptop or a desktop PC and second, an internet connection. Without these basic requirements, the process of teaching and learning cannot happen.

Many economically marginalized students face adverse challenges in this new era of learning without these basic facilities. Through our initiative, we aim to ameliorate this daily struggle of students across the country. Through your help and donations of old but working smartphones, laptops, etc. we can help the students connect online and resume their learning.

Let us join hands and bring learning to the home of students across the country!